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Sunday, 13 February 2005

Mission Bay Jazz and Blues Fest

Yes, I was one of the thousands who attended this street festival last night. A great time had by all, I should think. Not only did it prove to be a great place to drink in snippets of a huge variety of music styles, but we also bumped into several people we knew milling about.

After the obiligatory hike from the car, we were very pleasantly surprised by the first offering we came across: "Shaken not Stirred". Other highlights included the "Off the Cuff" group from Avondale College, "Torch Songs", and the "Chris Mason-Battley Group". We finished with a great half hour with the sensational "Tuxedo Swing Orchestra", which was my favourite. Lovely moments to be had sitting under the stars in my husband's arms, drinking in the sweet sounds.

Time didn't allow us to visit all the bands, but there's always next year.

Lights on Tamaki Drive, leaving the festival

Fountain at Mission Bay

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