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Thursday, 19 October 2006

Jacques Loussier Trio at the Auckland Town Hall

We jumped at the opportunity to hear this jazz legend live, as it was his ‘farewell tour’. For those who don’t know, Loussier takes classical music from the likes of Bach, Vivaldi and Ravel, and gives them a jazz arrangement.

The concert was divine. There were amazing solos from his double bass player and drummer. You never knew what might pop up next – from a few lines of La Cucaracha on the piano during ‘Spring’, to a run from Rhapsody in Blue on the bass during the Bach encore. Loussier had such a light touch, but there was enormous power from the band at times as they deftly took on pieces written for huge orchestras.

Loussier is also quite a character. It was amazing how much personality he was able to portray, just by introducing the pieces. The whole thing was magic – you must see them if you get the chance.

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